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Domain Name Registration

Domain names are $20.00 per year when you sign up for any of our hosting plans. You will have the option to renew the name at the end of the registration period.

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Questions and Answers

 Who owns the name?

You own your domain name until you fail to renew the name when payment is due.

 How long before it works?

Domain name registrations can take up to 72 hours before the name becomes active. You can access your site by the IP number until that time.

 What if I'm transfering my domain name?

Transfers can also take around 72 hours.

 Can I move the name?

Yes, you may move your name to any other hosting company or to your own servers. A form must be signed and returned to us.

 Why are your names so low priced?

We do not use internic as the rules to names have changed. There are many companies selling domain names. We buy in bulk and get a great price and just pass it on to you.

 What if it's not the name I wanted?

Domain names are non-refundable even if you misspelled the name. There is no refund on domain names bought from us.

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